It's no secret that heath is a serious issue for alot of people. Should certain kinds of ads be banned in the interest of health due to self-esteem issues. Most people with health issue such as being over weight, dealing with anorexia nervosa,dealing with bulimia,etc have very low esteem. Yes or No? Do you think certain kinds of ads depress these people even more than they already are? If yes, should they be banned? Why or why not? Comment tell me what you think.
Nabintou's opinion: I'm not sure about my answer on this topic. I think that certain kinds of ads SHOULD be banned in the interest of health due to self-esteem issues. These people already have to deal with being judged by society,so I think they deserve a break. I think they shouldn't have to turn on the tv,flip to a magazine page,etc. and become more depressed,it isn't right. On the other hand, I think certain kinds of ads SHOULD NOT be banned in the interest of health due to self-esteem issues. I believe this because sometimes these ads build some kind of dedication of getting better for these people. Also because man, the economy is low and people need money. Less than a year ago the government almost shut down. In other words,people are suffering and in serious need of money,meaning they will do what they got to do to earn it.


07/07/2011 00:20

This touches right on the issue of censorship. Who is to say what we can see and what we can't see? Is it the government's responsibility to monitor these things or is it the responsibility of the family to censor what is turned on or brought into the home?

07/07/2011 03:56

This is such an interesting question. Unfortunately advertisements aren't about helping people (unless they're PSAs), but about selling products. If one favors limited government intervention, then ads shouldn't be band. But if one favors, some governmental regulation, then it needs to be regulated to some extent. I'd say, if advertisements are made for self-esteem issues, but they are pointless (more depressing), then we need to make happier and more enthusiastic advertisements. Self-esteem is such a tight thin rope... tone, body-language, pitch, words any of them can trigger low self-esteem. Maybe we need to counteract media and advertisement with positive messages of love, acceptance, and kind words to our family and friends. I know that may sound weird, but one sincere positive comment can override hours of advertisement.
You pose really intriguing questions.

07/07/2011 08:15

Thanks you both for your thoughts I really do appreciate it.:)


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